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Citizen appreciate ZEC for displaying “ubuntu”

Bulawayo female citizens are pleased with Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC)’s  decision to give precedence to pregnant women and lactating mothers explaining that the move shows ZEC’s spirit of ‘ubuntu.’

By midday, reports from different wards revealed that women constituted more than 55% of the voters in queues, eager to cast their votes.

This comes at a time when the number of female contestants at the polls has increased considerably thereby raising hopes for women’s increased participation in the electoral process.

“It is pleasing to note that in an attempt to encourage women to vote, ZEC ensured that pregnant women and those with small children are given first preference at the polls so that they exercise their right to vote and not be inconvenienced in any way,” said an election agent who chose to remain anonymous.

This was appreciated by most people though there were some isolated instances where people in the queue demanded to be served first and not give precedence to the women.

As most places had been confirmed to be peaceful, the people of Bulawayo had raised concern that the voting process was taking longer than they expected. They also allayed concerns that candidates’ pictures on the ballot paper are too small and faint.

“This puts the elderly, the illiterate as well as those with poor eyesight at a disadvantage as they cannot confirm their preferred candidate,” said Florence Ndlovu, a concerned Bulawayo citizen.

However, most polling stations confirmed the voting was going smoothly apart from the stated ordeals in a few polling stations.


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