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Calls made towards completion of a home in Robert Sinyoka

Various community organisations, and other stakeholders such as the Robert Sinyoka Village Development committee, Bulawayo United Residents Associations have begun the construction of a home for a member of the community, Nothando Mlalazi (39) in Robert Sinyoka Village.

Mlalazi lost her home after a whirlwind blew away her roof leaving her homeless and without safe shelter.

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The Chairman of Village Development Committee, Mr. Sam Maseko said, the project which commenced on the 15th of July 2020 was likely to be stalled by lack of adequate resources.

He said the initial plan was to build a two roomed house, however because resources were limited, they were currently building a one roomed house.

“We had initially planned to build a two roomed house so that she can use one room for sleeping and the other room would be used as a kitchen, however, our resources do not permit us to build the second room,” said Maseko.

Maseko said: “Our progress depends on the donations we get from people. Right now, we just finished making 486 bricks from the cement that we had and we now have nothing.”

“We call upon well-wishers to donate building materials so that we can quickly finish the house. Nothando Mlalazi has no home and her shelter depends on anyone’s help right now.”

Bulawayo Ward 17 Councilor, Sikhululekile Moyo, also appealed to well-wishers, to donate food for workers who have volunteered to build the house for Nothando Mlalazi.

“I appeal to all well-wishers to donate food for our builders. These builders volunteered to come to help us with this project, but they need food to execute their work, so l kindly appeal to the public to come forth with food so that our workers can work effectively.”

Work is underway to rebuild Mlalazi’s home, well-wishers are being requested to donate towards the construction of a home for Nothando Mlalazi.


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