Bulawayo Residents demand preview on budget

Bulawayo residents have urged local authorities to disseminate information on budget consultations meetings on time.

Speaking during a meeting conducted by Women’s Institute for Leadership Development (WILD) at Bulawayo Club on the 1st of December 2022, were the budget analysis and the challenges faced by citizens were tackled.

Youths were encouraged to takepart in budget consultation meetings, so that they are able to air out their priorities and interests.

‘’There is poor attendance from youths and this is very sad as it shows lack of interest and ignorance hence there is need for youths to fully participate when it comes to budget consultation meetings, so that they are not left out’’, said one of the participants

During the meeting residents also pointed out that there should be a preview on the budget, and track progress.

‘’There is need to have quarterly review meetings where there will be budget monitoring and evaluation track sessions as this will provide timely information about the progress and the failures’’ this was raised by one the residents.

The Participants highlighted that their plea, is that the City Council must ensure that they take into considerations their grievances when they are formulating the budget.

‘’The City Council is supposed to consult us during budget consultation meetings because they come and announce to us the budgets, hence our priorities and interests end up not being catered for because its more of an announcement than a consultation meeting ‘’ said one of the participants.

Another issue which was highlighted is that there should create safe space for residents so as to express themselves during budget meetings, were everyone should be given the right to talk and utter their opinion.

Participants also hinted that the National Budget is better as it addresses various sectors such as health, education and roads.

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