Book Club helps women to understand healthy money decisions

Women’s Institute For Leadership Development in partnership with Makhosazana Ndiweni-Mackina conducted a Book Club which was comprised of women in leadership. The Book club was aimed at capacitating women in leadership on how to develop good money saving and spending habits as this may assist them in their various careers.
The book “Know Yourself, Know Your Money” by Rachel Cruze explored how one’s behaviour is the biggest obstacle to making good decisions on money.
The book explained how socialisation shapes one’s money personality and breaks down the money fears that drive most money decisions. The book also teaches people how to make healthy money decisions.
Participants managed to point out lessons they learnt from reading the proposed book.
“What I learnt is that leadership doesn’t necessarily mean having people subject to you but rather being a leader and a pioneer of your own destiny and your finances”, said one of the participants.
Women who attended the book club were encouraged to understand themselves as it is essential in understanding the way you handle money.
“Expenditure is adjusted to suit the income considering that budgeting and generally documenting my plans will keep me focused on my goals” she added.
During the discussion, participants also focused on the fear of money as it cripples their decision-making and stops them from taking risks like investing or spending money in a healthy way.
The book helped women to unlock the psychology, strengths, and challenges that come with each of the brand-new Seven Money Tendencies which were highlighted in the book.

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