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30 July 2018 Evening Update


At Haddon and Sly Tent, Harare Central, one voter was handed a folded Presidential ballot which had already been used. The ballot was then destroyed and the voter was given a fresh ballot.

ZANU PF members in party regalia were seen campaigning and putting up posters around the Station. The Presiding Officer was informed and the posters were taken down later on during the day.

Assisted voters

At Kuma 10 Water Tap Polling Station there were two assisted voters before 1230 hrs who were totally blind. To manage the numbers without frustrating those who had come early in the morning, there were two queues, one with the general populace and the other with selected voters. There were more assisted voters in Insiza and Lupane recording 20 and 53, respectively.

Poor Lighting

Poor lighting in most Tent stations has resulted in more assisted voters than necessary. In  Lobengula Ward 14, the elderly people with poor eyesight ended up resorting to being assisted. Since there was inadequate lighting at Makokoba, Pumula, Munyoro Shopping Centre, and some parts of Cowdray Park Polling Stations voters were left with no choice but to vote using candles.

ZEC officials’ negligence

When queues had depreciated at a Polling Station in Northend, ZEC officials no longer paid attention to indelible ink on fingers but merely prefered checking identification documents. ZEC officials at some polling stations were failing to communicate with voters because of language barrier.

ZEC facilitates rigging

Goromonzi South, Ward 9 at Proposed Secondary school is reported to have moved all ballot papers from the polling station to Ruwa Rehab Centre. This anomaly is a cause for concern as it is clearly stated that counting MUST be done within the polling station.


Voter Delays

At Makokoba`s Efusini polling station there were over 900 people on the voters’ roll but by 1530 hrs, only 300 had voted and they were almost filling up the second ballot boxes. The Presiding officer said this was caused by the high number of the elderly who needed assistance thus slowing down things. There were many people at Entumbane Hall polling station who were complaining of having being in the queue for more than 3 hours and the lines were moving extremely slowly. ZEC officials then opened another polling station at around 1500 hrs in attempt to ease the burden on the already functioning polls.



A veld fire incident had been reported to be disrupting the voting process at New Donnington Farm polling station in Norton. Polling agents and police officers had to abandon the voting process to the farm workers in putting out the fire which broke put out at 1130 hrs.


ZEC News

ZEC has advised journalists not to interview voters at the polling stations as this was contravening with section 7 of the Electoral Act. This had however, not deterred people from sharing information on social media on their experience and events at the polls.


Closing of Polls

The following polling stations in Bulawayo closed at 1900hrs: City Hall Tent B, Premier Bulawayo, St Thomas and Nketa 9 Pentecostal Church. Gwanda Ward 9 in Senondo also closed at 1900 hrs.

However, due to the high number of voters some stations had not closed at 2000 hrs, namely Efusini Polling Station and Entumbane High polling station which had over seventy (70) at the time of closing.


Voter Numbers

Polling Station Time Number of votes cast M F Number of voters turned away M F Assisted M F
Imbizo A Primary School 1300hrs 577 267 310 15 10 5 38 5 33
Mandwandwe High School 1330hrs 419
Nketa Primary AB 1645hrs 600
Daluka 1653hrs 545
Senondo Primary 1500hrs 244 239 14 2
Roman Catholic University A 653 381 272 9
Roman Catholic University B 609 346 263 1 None
Roman Catholic University C 685 362 323 4
Munyoro Shopping Centre 1715hrs 630 306 324 16 8 8 12 4 8
Hugh Beadle 1700hrs 611 303 308 40 19 21 9 4 5
Premier High School 1700hrs 618 277 341 9
City Hall B 1832hrs 724 357 365 29 19 10 5
Mgiqqika A Primary School B 1800hrs 664 345 319 19 13
Efusini Shopping Centre 1800hrs 521 259 262 5 33
Siziphile Primary Lupane 1846hrs 431 176 255 4 47
Northlea 1849hrs 205 84 121


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